A little bit of nonsense!

Tell me, do you molliglop ?

I do it all the time,

I like it in the afternoons,

Whilst covered in pink slime,

And have you ever wurped yourself ?

I do it in the bath,

I do it in warm water,

I find it makes me laugh.

Occasionally I’ll flong myself,

For extra motivation,

I do it whilst I watch tv,

And change to the next station,

I casmeto; I grimboe-hi and do them to a beat,

I do them by the metronome,

And whilst I tap my feet,

Sometimes whilst out walking,

I’ll find myself alone,

So I’ll bring out my pazzuloo,

And record it on my phone.

For me no coffee mornings,

No studious book clubs,

Instead I’ll prance about my house,

And talk to Harzlebubs.

So if you do none of these things,

I pity you, I do,

For you are missing out, it seems,

To you I say, quaxzoo!


Extinction calling

“The Bindysnatch, the Cozloo Bird,

Of those creatures, you have heard,

They live up high, above the ground,

They sleep all day, they make no sound,

Do not disturb,

They are not yours,

To trophy hunt,

On evil tours.

You see the Heep who lives in Quets,

They are not toys, they are not pets,

So leave them be, and leave them still,

They are not yours to hunt and kill.

When Werbelphants march,

With heavy tread,

Do not hunt, but watch instead,

Mypotamus eat only grain,

Do not capture them to train,

To ride them would be foul and cruel,

Be not hasty, keep your cool.

Never hit a Meeb or Quax,

The latter who eats Gwisp as snacks,

Be kind to all,

Lest you be hearing,

Of such creatures,


Smell the scent of Nitching flower,

Found most often on grey tower,

Cut you not the Speetlow tree,

Upon the beach, down by the sea,

Hack not upon the mighty Kzip,

It’s wood to take,

To build more ships,

Be kind to nature,

Once it’s gone,

I fear there’s nothing left,

My son.

When parents fail,

The children suffer,

We cannot do that,

To each other,

Respect the world,

We have but one,

Be kind, show love,

To everyone”

The Work Poem

I’ve tried so hard to please you,

I’ve really tried my best,

I’ve gone beyond my duty,

Done better than the rest,

Stepped in where others fear to tread,

Reputations on the line,

Put myself in awkward spots,

So others would be fine,

Sorted problems out for you,

Made sure targets are met,

Multi tasked, exhausted,

So everything’s been set,

Done way more than my pay grade,

Done not one job, but three,

Worked my fingers to the bone,

And seen how you treat me.

Under valued doesn’t cover it,

Nor does disrespect,

Just felt so unwanted,

Probably not what you expect,

I’ve tried to talk things out with you,

I’ve tried to make you see,

But sadly you have made it clear,

You value others more than me.

I’ve caught some out quite easily,

Been told some blatant lies,

How come when they have done that,

I’ve been forced to apologise?.

You’ve never had my back it seems,

Never shown much care,

To ensure that all was right,

And I was happy there.

Of Autism, I don’t think you,

Care or want to know,

I think you want me out from there,

That you want me to go.

I’m just an inconvenience,

A trouble maker branded,

It makes me sad to think that you,

With me, aren’t even handed.

You’ve pushed me to the edge again,

Panic attacks now norm,

Anxiety, which once was rife,

Is now the raging storm.

I’ve worked my hardest for you,

But now it’s plain to see,

I have no future with you now,

There is no hope for me!.

No voice!

When I speak,

Do you hear me ?.

I call out,

To you,

Do you hear me ?.

My voice,


In a vacuum.

You see me,

My vocal chords stretched tight,

Mouth in unnatural shape,


You laugh.

Your eyes fail to see,

Your ears fail to hear,



I am not what you are,

I am not,

I cannot be as I do not fit,

I am not,

On your level.

You do not hear me,

My pain, my suffering, my anguish, my torment.


If you do,

You ignore it.

I am but an inconvenience,

In your convenient life.

I am here,

Asking you,

Telling you,

Beseeching you,

But I am silent,

I have,

No voice.

Inside my head

How does it feel to be mentally ill ?

”Twas a question posed of me,

I replied with a smile,

“Won’t you please sit a while ?”

And I hope I can make you see,

“Imagine a war going on in your head,

A war of violence and attrition,

A war so severe,

It comes out of my ears,

For making life hell is its mission.

No winners, no losers,

They fight all the same,

They scream and they shout,

No one shoulders the blame,

Louder they get,

Till my heads fit to pop,

I’ve asked them quite nicely,

But still they won’t stop.

With cannons and muskets,

With dagger and blade,

They don’t give a damn,

Bout the mess they have made,

My head in my hands,

That’s what they like to see,

They fight even harder,

It fills them with glee,

I’ve tried this and that,

To get conflict to end,

I’ve taken the tablets,

A message to send,

I’ve waved a white flag,

I’ve called a ceasefire,

It’s not slowed them down,

They just don’t seem to tire.

From inside to outside,

It’s just killing me,

I’m tired of the fighting,

From the pain, set me free,

They delight in my torment,

‘Go breakdown!’ They cry,

I’m at my wits end,

And it’s now do or die,

I’ll fight them, I’ll fight them,

With all of my might,

I’ll fight them in day,

And I’ll fight them all night,

I can’t let them win,

For I would not exist,

Until my strength gives,

I’ll fight on, I’ll persist.

And that, my friend,

Is how it it feels,

To be mentally ill,

Hearing screams, shouts and squeals!”

They looked at me then,

Both saddened and shocked,

They deeply regretted,

The times they had mocked,

Small nod and sad smile,

They were up,

They were gone,

And inside my head, still

The fight rages on!.

In Glass

Cool glass,


Sliding down,



Hand touches cool,


Leaving indelible mark,

Never to lose,


I touch,

See myself in close up,

That strange reflection,

Quivering wreck,


Who am I ?.

Ask myself,

Feel cool water,


Through me,

Yet it is not,

No liquid dances through me,

No aqueous waltz,

No partner, not of flesh,

And blood.

A vision,

Just a vision.

In glass.



By drop,

Hear it.


By drop,

Taste it.


Once so solid, so….there,

Now feels elusive, temporary…fragile.

Water through a sieve,

Impurities filtered,

Pureness of the fragile heart,

Each drop, each beat,

A reminder,

Of a life,

That’s failing.


In my veins,

Crimson reminder,

Of a life,

That’s failing,

Why can’t I wake ?

Why can’t I wake ?

Why can’t I wake ?

The echoing cry of the drowning man!.

Heart beats on,

And on,

The only part of me,

Still strong.

But slower,

And slower,

Blood, once so free,

Once so fluid,

Now slows.

I am drowning,

I am not awake,


By drop,


By drop.