I am lost without you

I am. 

I am me. 

Not you. 

What’s it like being you ?. 

You and I. Me and you. 

I know you. Or I did. 

You lived here. You lived with me. 


The memory is vague. 

Why did you leave ?. What did I do to you ?. Was I nasty ?. Was I cruel to you ?. 

We used to be happy, you and I. 

Not all the time. 

But happier then. Happier than now. 

I looked for you one day but you had gone. 

You never left a note. You never send me cards to tell me where you are. 

I miss you. 

Did I reject you ?. Did I tell you that you were obsolete ?. That I didn’t have a place for you ?.

Forgive me. 

I want you back. I want you back again. 

Here. With me. 

Whatever I did. Whatever I said. I’m sorry. 

Please let us be friends again. 

Life feels strange without you. Incomplete. Part of me is gone. 

Please come home. 

You belong here. You belong with me. 

The door is always open. 

So please, think about it ? 

Did I abandon you ?. Did you abandon me ?. Please, just say that alls not lost..

I am bereft without you, Happiness, 

Please come back home to me! 

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