People don’t read this anymore 

Before the referendum and when life was simpler (it seems), people read my blogs. 

But now they don’t. 

Or if they do they don’t comment. 

And why should they ?. One of the perils of blogging is knowing what audience you are likely to capture. Or miss. Who do you want to attract. Hope to attract ?. 

And do you want praise (everyone does really) or criticism (have had some, it’s great, so long as it’s constructive and not a rant lol) or insights into how the writing affects people ?. 

I’m not a good writer. I leave that to those whose knowledge of their subject far outweighs mine especially on Autism where there are many superb and learned blogs using all the highbrow and clinical terms I would expect. 

I just write drivel. 

People who liked my travel stuff probably don’t care for the deeper stuff and vice versa. Trying to look after a varied audience can be tricky especially when you aren’t always in the mood to write about a desired topic. 

And amongst millions of blog posts it’s impossible to stand out. 

I lack the wit, the charm, the depth of insight and the language skills to do anything justice. It’s just a ramble. One or two kind people used to promote my stuff on Twitter and try and build me an audience. But not anymore. And why should they ?. 

I was going to write a book. I had an idea. Had even sketched some of it out, written the prologue in the toughest terms. Had an idea what I wanted to do with it. 

But nobody would read it. 

It wouldn’t appeal. 

It would just be another poor book (not that it would ever be published) in a sea of poor books. 

For a time I hoped writing would help me. That it would prove cathartic. Would prove to be an outlet. 

But I’m not good enough to help myself. 

If someone writes a blog post but it’s never read is the blog post still written ?. Something to do with trees in a forest I think. 

So that is it. 

The end. 

No more. 

Finished what I had to finish. 



If I came back I couldn’t say it was by popular demand. I’m not popular. There wouldn’t be a demand. 

A good place to end I think. Back where I started. Writing shit. 


1 thought on “People don’t read this anymore 

  1. I feel the same way. I have had so many amazing plans and ambitions for my writing, over the years. It’s all I’ve wanted to be since I was 8 years old. But I’ve reached the conclusion that I’d rather keep to myself and write what I like, write what speaks to me, write what I’d want to read, than I want to write for anyone else.

    And in fact, I’m not sure I care at all about whether other people read my stuff, anymore. It’s not that I don’t want them to. Sure, I do. I’m just not making “getting read” a prerequisite for my writing, anymore.

    So, screw it, I’m just going to write, write, write, without regard for whether anyone else reads, comments, whatever. Writing is my most reliable stim — closely followed by reading. So I’m going to keep going it, regardless of what others think or say.

    Heck, I might even turn off the comments on my blog, so I don’t have to think about it. Oh, then again.. maybe not 😉

    Whether you keep blogging, or you just write for your own enjoyment, do what you like.

    Because you like.

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