Talking politics…and no more nasty! 

I never thought the day would come when I wrote this. 

I thought people had sense, weren’t just pulled along by the media, had minds of their own and weren’t gullible enough to believe everything they see and read. 

How wrong I was ! 

Many people who I follow on Twitter and who express political views, vote Labour. And that’s fine. They have a view and they express it free from abuse and supported by those who share their views. 

But if you vote Tory you get subjected to vile comments and threats. People think it’s clever to call Ian Duncan Smith a “psychopath” or Jeremy Hunt a “cunt” because, well, it rhymes so it must be clever mustn’t it ?. 

I’ve never heard anyone who I know votes Tory say anything nasty in that personal sense, about anyone in another party. But the left think it’s their right. They think it makes them sound tough. It shows the depth of their hatred. 

It’s also stupid and silly. 

The Tories are the nasty party. Labour want to be warm and fuzzy and loved. The Tories don’t give a damn. And that’s why they win elections. Because you know what you will get with a Tory government, especially these days. Labour are full of ideals but think money grows on trees to pay for everything, to boost benefits, renationalise this and that, allow unfettered immigration..

It makes me laugh when people say the Tories protect their own. They look after the wealthy and privileged it’s said. 

But nobody on the left admits that Labour are in thrall to the unions and protect “their” own by promises to repeal trade union laws that actually have the country working!. No, that’s acceptable. 

 Labour supporters are blinkered, but can’t admit it. 

Most voted for Blair but now distance themselves. He was really a Tory they argue, he wasn’t “real” Labour. Excuses again. 

And this is what annoys me about politics. People unwilling to accept responsibility. At all levels. 

Yes I vote conservative. Yes it’s with a small c. I’m not a die hard and I’ve also voted independent if I found the candidate alluring enough (oh for 650 of those in parliament). I am sure I will now get called racist and be subjected to abuse for admitting I vote that way but, since I worked in a Jewish community and travel widely in Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist countries, nothing could be further from the truth. 

All parties have some good in them. All have some bad. But pictures of Mrs May dressed a Nazi ?. Beyond the pale. Because they talk about immigration and listing foreign workers ?. Something that’s done in other countries by the way. Because they are thinking about what it means to be British ?. Another swear word these days. And being British seems to be as unacceptable as being Christian these days. 

I don’t care how you vote. I would rather you voted than didn’t. But vote based on education. Actually read people’s words, don’t just read the headline, perpetuated by a political press leaning one way or the other, and rely on that. 

And stop being nasty. Grow up. Think for yourself. Stop following the crowd. 

If Labour get in I won’t be in the streets demanding a recount. I will trust JC knows what he’s doing and get on with my life. I’m sure he’s a nice bloke and I’d have a cup of tea with him and shake him by the hand if I met him. That’s being respectful. That’s giving someone the time of day even if you don’t agree. I won’t be on Twitter posting pictures of him dressed as Stalin or anyone else!. 

So stop being nasty. 


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