I can’t turn my Autism on and off! 

It’s Christmas ! 

Are you having fun ?. 

My partners daughter is down so it’s three grandchildren, one dog and two more adults in my personal space. 

And it’s hard! 

They leave the dog at their caravan home if they go into town yet they bring the dog here and drive our cats away, and don’t ask if that’s acceptable, and the dog barks at our bird, the kids scream and the tv has to be on because hey, that’s what they do at their home! 

It’s hell. 

I like them, I do but after an hour or two I feel I have done my social exercise and I want to be excused. 

But that’s inexcusable. 

I’m antisocial. I’m rude. I’m not taking part. 

I must turn my Autism on and off! I must play nicely. I must sit with others (and this is day four as they came over on the 23rd and have been over for several hours every day since). I must not complain. I must not argue. I must not mention I am Autistic (or else I get the look, the glare…) …

And I’m fed up. 

I don’t walk into others houses and put the tv on, I don’t just turn up with my pets and expect that to be okay, I don’t shout or stomp around…

And no, I can’t turn being Autistic on and off!! 

Is that unreasonable ??

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