Being the “best”… Seriously ? 

I didn’t watch the Oscars. Most of the films I had vaguely heard of but not seen. Nor, in truth, do they appeal to me. I had heard of some of the actors and actresses as well but I don’t follow their work avidly. I wouldn’t know what they’ve been in. 
But who is the “best” ? 

How do you compare different films in different genres ?. Different roles in different genres ?. He’s the “best” actor. That’s the “best” film. 

Really ?. 

How can it or they be ?. 

7000 voters and it’s not unanimous. So it’s not even something everyone agrees upon. 

And it’s not just the Oscars. 

Every award ceremony promotes the idea that someone or something is “better” than the next someone or something. 

I’m a heavy metal and classical music fan (You think they’re opposites don’t you ?. But look at music as a circle not a straight line…) and I inwardly shudder every time there’s a forum argument about the “best” guitarist or “best” violinist. 

Do we need to give people that title ?. Do we need to elevate them ?. Do their egos demand it ?. 

Best is subjective. 

And what does it mean ?. Superior ?. More talented ?. Faster ?. Stronger ?. 

I suppose, in sporting terms, if you defeat all your opponents and never lose you prove you are the “best”. But that’s harder to quantify in films and music or books. They can’t “beat” anything. 

I know what I like but I can’t argue a film or a song or a book is better than one of your choices. It’s simply my choice. My preference. 

It’s not the “best” 

So by all means please enjoy what you enjoy. Love your music, your books, your films, your television, your clothes..

But think that what you listen to, read, watch, wear…is the best ? 

Seriously ? 

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