Trust, Autism and Politics- What a mixture! 

Apparently there’s a General Election (GE) in the offing! 

Politicians eh ?. There are local elections on the 4th May but by announcing it too late Mrs May has meant I’ve got to vote twice in a short period of time!. 

Oh, did you see that, I called her Mrs May. Not some swear word or derogatory term. It’s Mr Corbyn, Mr Farron, Mrs Sturgeon etc. I don’t agree with people demeaning the office they hold by using vile epithets. 

And that’s what we’ve been reduced to. 

I can accept anger and indignation but the way to persuade is by reasoned argument. Cleverly (actually not) rhyming Jeremy Hunt with c**t is just, to me, deeply depressing. I just don’t see the need for it. Yes I called George Osborne deeply unpleasant and cruel but I didn’t need to swear to make my opinion known.  If you resort to vile language then there is simply no way I will accept any argument you make. I won’t be persuaded by bad manners and rudeness. 

Politics is about trust. Who do you trust to run the country and get us through Brexit ?. Who can handle the economy ?. Who do you trust on the NHS ?. 

As someone who lives in a state of constant, if hidden, agitation and anxiety, those questions take on an extra importance at election times. Is there a party that I feel, best represents the interests of Autistic people ?. 

So let’s start with the Conservatives. Ahead in the polls for reasons that are zero to do with popularity but rather the weakness of the opposition. Hated, you would think, by every NHS worker, lawyer, doctor and every other person whose lives seem to have been affected by austerity. The disabled must loathe them and all they stand for. They’ve overseen a divisive and costly Brexit referendum and seem only to be interested in their own kind. Surely they stand no chance of winning ?. 

Then there’s Labour. Run (term used loosely) by Jeremy Corbyn who is, in every respect, a thoroughly decent man. A man of the people with a conscience but let down by the rather sketchy support offered him by his cabinet and MPs. A man of such honest straightforwardness can surely appeal to enough people to bring Labour back to power ?. 

And, last of the big three, the Liberal Democrats. Surely, under Tim Farron, another decent bloke, this is the big breakthrough election for them, this can be their time ?. 

So, who to trust ?. 

You have read so far and I bet you’re thinking Labour or Liberal ?. 

Well, being honest the actual answer is……none of them. Much. 

I’ve already mentioned the Tory weaknesses but I have to admit they’re probably the most honest of the lot. Honest in the sense that you know who they stand for, you know they’ll be nasty, you know they’ll make cuts and you know you’ll suffer. But they’re still not trustworthy. 

Labours problems lie in the fact that they think money grows on trees. Twitters a very left wing media outlet but I do find it worrying to find so many people blindly believing that there won’t be cuts and every disabled benefit will increase and every social wrong righted when Labour actually have no plan to create wealth. Mr Corbyns admission that we shouldn’t be afraid of debt, especially with a Brexit bill looming, is not an admission I find comforting. Hard to trust a party that doesn’t really have a plan. 

The LibDems are hard to trust simply because they’ve been out in the wilderness for so long. I’m not sure of their identity and perhaps they aren’t either. Trust needs to be built and developed and they’ve not been in a position to do that. 

Food for thought. 

I’m not telling you how to vote. I just ask that you do. Use a democratic right that people died to get for you. 

But don’t vote tactically. 

Have the courage of your convictions, not somebody else’s. If you can’t actually vote for the party you want then why vote at all ?. You simply disrespect the process and admit that you have no belief in your party, that they can’t win, won’t win. 

If you’re afraid another party will win then vote for who your party. Don’t vote simply because you’re afraid another side might win. 

What does that say about who you trust ?. 

There are six weeks till polling day. Six weeks of country dividing, deeply unpleasant news. I’m an Aspie, I hate confrontation, elections make me nervous. 

Who to trust ?. 

Trust yourself. Trust yourself to vote for the party you trust. 

Go for it!. 

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