Something wicked this way comes

I was dragged back. 

I wasn’t getting through. I just wasn’t connecting. The frustration was growing and I felt helpless so, once more, I am here. 

I was so angry. In fact the frustration was so intense it was like a physical pain clawing at my insides. I felt my head was about to explode and flashing lights flew before my eyes. 

So what had caused this ?. 

The self destructive nature of the Autistic community! 


I say Community but we are not one. We are divided. 

We are divided by those who bandy their labels about. They preen their feathers and put on great displays about high functioning. They ram their so called superiority down your throats and boast about how clever they are. They set themselves up as rulers and leaders. And, regrettably, they attract followers who do their bidding. 

It’s not so much Autism but Narcissism that drives them. They crave attention and have no time for others concerns, preferring the path of self interest above all others. 

They use their superiority to put others down, not just those of us on the spectrum but also anyone who dares question them or poses a comment or query they view as ableist or allistic or whatever the word of the day is!. They pick fights and encourage their followers to join in, castigating, belittling and abusing anyone who they feel has threatened their superiority. 

Now, sometimes, we, as a community are on the receiving end of misjudged comments or attacks. And yes, at those times we should pull together and confront, but not in such a way that harms others. There are ways of explaining ourselves and getting our points across; of making ourselves heard, without resorting to mob rule. 

It’s the savagery that amazes me. The viciousness, the vindictiveness and, above all, the sheer relish with which some people put down others. They get a perverse enjoyment out of it which, most regrettably, is bolstered by the fawning support of their followers. 

This is just wrong!. 

As a community we should be above all this. We are not, by nature, confrontational. We should be educating, helping people to understand how we see the world. Correcting them, guiding them with grace and good humour. 

I have said this before and I say it again now. 

I am not part of this community. I do not recognise this community as being for me. I do not want to be part of something so nasty, so divided, so angry. There is a place for genuine anger and, in the comments I have seen, it is rarely on Twitter. 

We need to stop using labels as weapons. Stop thinking that one Autism is better than another. Stop thinking that all NTs are our enemies. Stop taking umbrage at the smallest comment that we perceive as an attack when in harsh reality, it’s simply a question or an observation that requires correction. 

We need to stop encouraging followers to join in. We need to stop this ganging up on people be they within our own community or outside. 

We need to stop being so nasty! 

Start talking. Start being nice. Start answering in your normal voice instead of shouting. Start listening to each other. 

Until such time I cannot be part of you. You who should be a safe place for my Aspie self. 

Something wicked this way comes. 

It’s the community. 

It’s time to stop. 

1 thought on “Something wicked this way comes

  1. I often feel the same way. Twitter is appealing to me less and less, these days. Everyone has legitimate complaints, of course, but I’ve reached complaint super-saturation and I’m not spending much time there, lately. I’ll stop by to find out what’s happening with research or links to longer writing that actually involves some thought. But I’m less and less fond of what folks fit into 140 characters…

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