So the bullies win again

A while back I fell out with someone on Twitter. 

I blogged, they accused me of hypocrisy, I disagreed. 

I disagreed via private direct messages but they chose to take it onto their public feed. They invited their followers to make their views known. They encouraged bullying. 

They also threatened to post my direct messages to Twitter so I could be exposed by them. So Twitter could see my hypocrisy in action. 

I wanted those messages put out there. I had nothing to hide. I was not rude, nor nasty, I agreed to disagree and wished that person well. 

I hope they are happy. 

I also blocked them as I noted further arguments emanating from them with other users. I also noticed I was called a “White, cis misogynist cunt” by them in a tweet. I abhor the use of that word but that is what was said about me. 

They also blocked me. 

Today I was followed by someone who had noted a Twitter exchange I had been involved in. We exchanged direct messages and, shortly after the first, it was noted that the new person was a follower of the person with whom I had fallen out months ago. 

My new follower then told me they could no longer follow me. If they did they would be “attacked” for doing so. They wished to avoid conflict and wanted to stop following me in case they provoked a response. 

In my view this person has chosen to side with someone who viciously attacked me, resorted to the language used above and has had continued arguments with others. That, apparently, is avoiding conflict. 

I give up. 

I try very hard to be reasonable and fair. I avoid bad language and would rather block than get into meaningless conflicts. I don’t like confrontation or upsetting people. 

But this ?. 

Fear of being attacked. Fear of being bullied because you follow someone ?. Seriously ?. Following does not mean agreeing with. It means showing an interest in what they say and do whether it’s your cup of tea or not. It’s about getting a range of opinions. It’s about broadening horizons. 

Perhaps I am a hypocrite for saying follow me despite the risk when I’m leaving Twitter to avoid the hate. Yeah, perhaps, six months ago they were right. But I’m fed up of trying to be nice and fed up of the bullies winning. Perhaps I’m fearful. But I’m fearful of my sanity if I remain. 

So the bullies win again. Directly, indirectly, doesn’t matter. 

Because nobody actually cares. 

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