Damn the labels! 

So tonight I feel small again. 

Because, apparently, how I describe myself is wrong. It’s not how people want to be described. It’s not their preference. It causes a divide. It’s bad. 

What about my preference ?

How about the way I want to describe myself ?

Nope. Doesn’t matter. Apparently it’s wrong! 

Calling myself an Aspie is wrong! 

I’m sorry but this is messed up. Fine if it’s not the description you want to use to describe yourself and your identity on the spectrum (another dirty word apparently) but don’t dictate to me what label I can use to describe me. 

There’s too much nit picking, too much reference to current research (which is mostly rubbish) and people getting their facts right. So, if 50.1% decide Aspie should no longer be used does that mean the other 49.9% are wrong ?. Of course not. 

Where’s the harm ?. It’s not divisive to describe yourself as something you identify as being.  Autism is not a simple spectrum. It is not a one size fits all spectrum. If you’ve met one of us then you’ve met one of us. We are individual. We are unique. 

My diagnosis is Aspergers Syndrome. 

I am an Aspie. 

I think it’s a fun term. But if you don’t like it then don’t use it. Nobody is forcing you to. 

But tonight, yet again, I feel an outsider in the “community”. 

They’re right 

I don’t belong with them. With their rules. With their self proclaimed leaders and label police. With their arrogance and smugness. With their references to “research” as a weapon to beat you with, to show you how superior they are to you. 

I’ve tried to involve myself. Tried to communicate. To interact. 


They don’t like how I refer to myself. 

I’m not part of their group. 

So be it. 

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