The Follower Phenomenon 


Here’s the nub of it. 

I’m followed by some cool people but, amongst them, are two people who, it seems, absolutely refuse to interact with me. 

They’ll post a thread on Twitter. I’ll join in. I’ll answer their questions. I’ll say hi. 

All ignored. 

“Oh they probably just missed you” 

Really ? 

Missed me but managed to respond to those both before and after me in said thread. 

Is it my aftershave ? My deodorant ? Am I wearing the wrong colour shirt ? 

Sure, occasionally we do miss stuff or believe the interaction doesn’t want a response from us, but all the time ? Really ? 

Perhaps I’m not clever enough. Perhaps I don’t say what they want to hear or read. Perhaps I’m not witty enough or they just follow because they think they should rather than actually wanting to. A kind of obligation to follow a fellow Autistic rather than an interest in what I have to say. 

I simply don’t know. 

I just find it strange. 

I follow people because I’m interested in their views. That’s why I interact but if they aren’t interested in mine where is the value in the follow ?. Sure I’m used to followers coming and going as they seem to vanish or be bumped by an unseen force, on fairly regular occasions but it seems a little pointless. 

It’s also a little degrading. 

It’s as though I’m beneath them. My opinions aren’t sufficiently interesting or valued. I’m not adding anything to their lives. 

As I said I don’t know. 

Because they don’t tell me. 

Perhaps I’m invisible. But I’d hope that once in a while they’d acknowledge I exist. 

Seems not. 

Oh well. 

I’ll carry on following. 

One day they might say hi. 

But I’m not holding my breath….

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