The Autistic family expands…

My three year old grandson has been diagnosed as being Autistic. 

And that’s great. 

He’s a lovely little boy who likes nothing better than walking along hedges taking in the patterns of the leaves. He likes to walk alongside fences because they guide him and give him purpose. He likes to read the Highway Code because he likes the different shapes of the road signs. He gets right up to the Tv and takes in the images on the screen but in a way most of us don’t. He sees behind what we see, he sees the pixels dancing and they soothe and delight him. 

He’s a really cool little lad. His speech isn’t great, he’s always had an issue there and most of what he does say in sentences is just repetition of something that’s been said to him a thousand times. But he’s getting there. 

He’s the middle child of three. I’d suspect that his older brother might be somewhere in the spectrum, possibly Aspergers but I’m not an expert on anyone else’s Autism. 

He’s had a tough life with a very prolonged stay in hospital being pumped full of gallons of drugs after his knee swelled up out of the blue and we seemed to live through several months of him being in and out with fluid being drained on a weekly basis. No wonder he has, like me, a needle phobia!. 

He’s fortunate that his parents are super people. His dad is a driving instructor (all three children are car mad) and his mum (my partners daughter) was a nursery nurse so her knowledge of Autistic children is based on solid practical experience. 

I think we’d known for a while that he was possibly on the spectrum. You get this sense of it and I had mentioned it on several occasions. It takes one to know one, perhaps ?. 

So let’s welcome him to our community. 

He’s three years old, he’s Autistic and he has a very bright future ahead of him. 

Just watch him shine!. 

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