Words fail me..

I’ve given up. 

What’s the point ?. What’s the point in trying to protect people; trying to warn them, when they won’t listen ?. 

I may as well be invisible. 

The same person causing ructions. The same person publishing stuff shaming other individuals and still you follow them. 

After numerous account blocks from Twitter itself and account deactivations, name changes, you still follow. And to offer them support. 

Support ?. Where was the support for me when I was threatened; when the followers were encouraged to gang up on me; when I was called a c**t by the individual for no reason other than we had disagreed ?. 

I’ll tell you where it was. 


When they complain about being trolled you leap to their defence yet seem oblivious to what they’ve done to me and to others. 

I can’t tell you who to follow. It’s freedom of choice but if you persist in blindly supporting someone who has demonstrated, time and again, a vindictive nature towards others, who won’t back down, who humiliates, threatens and swears at those who disagree, then I have no choice but to block you. 

I’m sorry because some of you I really like but I can’t take the risk of being dragged in to yet another scary situation in the Autistic community. 

I find the individual terrifying. Genuinely scary and, worse still, I think they relish the fact. 


Words fail me. 

I’ve tried. 

You won’t listen. 

So, I’m sorry. 


1 thought on “Words fail me..

  1. Oh no!! I’m really hoping that this horrible behavior isn’t from someone I’m following. I’m hardly ever on Twitter anymore, due to the numerous examples of experiences (and people) similar to what you describe. I only hope that these people grow up and get lives 💓💓💓


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