The lonely path

I see.

I see everything. 

The lies, the spies, what hides behind.

Neither left nor right. 

I see. 

I watch in dismay. I watch in fear. I see and hear the vitriol. The unabashed and unashamed hate. 

The spewing bile. 

Of the unreasoned. 

I see. 

And I hear. 

I hear the lamentations. The anguish. The impassioned cries and yet..


Without thought nor reason, hurled forth like avenging angels..

They brook no argument. 

They are without reason. They are blind. Blind to all but their own. 

I see. 

They are unshakeable in their beliefs. Even, in the face of evidence to the contrary. They remain..


My path is lonely. 

I walk it in fear but also in hope. 

That hope deflects, disperses, blocks and shields me from the worst

But the darkness assaults me

It seeks to knock me from my path. 

To drag me, screaming into their choice, to make me one of their own. 

I will not abandon reason for madness. 

I walk the path. 

The lonely path. 

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