So let’s make some plans..

After listing my hopes for 2018 it’s time to get some sort of plan in place..

Though, it must be said, any plans I make tend to be sabotaged, inadvertently, by my NT partner!.

Still, one must try and try again…

So, here’s what I need to do..

1. Have a sort out. A proper sort out. The kind of sort out that means I can actually find things when I want to instead of trawling through boxes of clutter. The kind of sort out that results in things going to charity or to the skip. Not the sort that simply moves stuff from A to B. I believe that to be my partners favourite type of sort out!

2. Be ruthless. If we are moving then we need to get rid of stuff. I don’t like keeping stuff in case it’s needed..because it rarely is and it just clutters up the new place (when that day arrives). I’ve already sorted out a load of charity stuff and I come across clothes all the time that are past their usefulness or too small or give me a poor sensory experience, so they can join the charity pile quite happily.

3. Be more active. Yeah that’s a tough one when you have fibromyalgia and I’m writing this three days after coming home from the North East, still feeling worn out and aching all over. But I’ve got to force myself to do it.

4. Sort work out. I’m waiting on a decision that I have asked them to make. If they say yes then I can make more definite plans. If they say no then I need to formulate a new approach to job hunting and establish a survival strategy to see me through to the end.

5. Mask less. Yes, I think the days of masking, whilst not coming to an end, must be reduced. For the sake of my sanity, anxiety and depression, I need to embrace my Autism. It’s time to put me first and play by my rules or, at the very least, have me time. It’s time to organise as I want to organise. It’s time to take control.

So that’s it..or those are they..or them…or something..

Five steps to, hopefully, get things on track…

Let’s see how far I get with them.

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