Does my blog matter ?

Interesting point this as it’s a two point answer…or a two part question..or two questions..

I was looking at my viewing stats today and realised, depressingly, that nobody is reading my blogs.

Not that I’m forcing anyone to read it but, just not occasionally, it would be nice to think that I wrote something that captured the imagination or was interesting or useful and I had some views.

I’m a little envious of those who get regular sizeable views. I know there are some very talented bloggers out there with their finger on the pulse and who use the terminology concerning the subjects their readers are clearly interested in but I guess…or know..that I’m not in that category.

That’s a very different ball game..on a different playing field…

I try not to blog about Autism in great scientific depth. I leave that to the experts who know the up to date research and terminology and who can throw out the correct phraseology which, I must admit, goes way over my head. There are too many ‘isms for my liking.

I can blog about my experience of being Autistic but I’m not sure that’s found to be interesting by most people. Especially when I’m not couching it in the deep thinking way that many of my Autistic associates can and do.

And what I have found is that my interests, to other people, just aren’t that interesting.

I know popular blogs exist that review books, music and films but if they are already being written then there’s little point in my own perspective. And, in all fairness, having Anhedonia means that most of that kind of stuff just doesn’t interest me and hasn’t for the last three years.

I can only blog so much about snakes. For one they really don’t interest many and two, it’s not like I have one here that I can blog about. The Daily diary of Paula Python will have to wait.

I’ve done quite a few travel blogs.

I’ve tried to make them interesting and amusing but, again, they don’t appeal to many and I probably don’t have a style that’s distinctive enough to stand out from the crowd. I also don’t travel enough so can’t do daily real time updates that people can follow. Of course if someone wants to pay me to travel and blog please let me know…

So the question is, why bother ?.

Why continue to blog ?. Partly because it’s a way of expressing myself and getting thoughts down on paper..or virtual paper..and partially because of ego. I’d like to be recognised as a good blogger worth reading…

I suppose it’s very much that actually. With no identifiable talents it would be nice if what I wrote had an audience that wanted to read what I wrote and wanted more. It would be a boost to an admittedly broken ego and perhaps stimulate some interest in something.

But it’s not going to happen. I’m afraid that being realistic must come first.

So, the answer to my original final question is, I suppose “Probably not”…and that brings up a whole new question…”Should I carry on ?” ..

I think I’ll just have to wait and see.

5 thoughts on “Does my blog matter ?

  1. I for one enjoy your blog and find your posts a great read and some relatable. Blogging takes time and patience, and there is a lot more to just writing posts to attract traffic. If you need any help let me know, I could offer some help or offer you a link to some blogging tips I wrote awhile back. Do not give up, keep writing and be patient. It also takes time to grow and learn more about not just the blogging world, what people will like etc, but yourself. 🙂

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  2. For now I will share this tip because I think it is important when it comes to getting more attention to your blog. Blogging is not just about writing, if it was we could all just write in our diaries and journals or what have you. It is so important to also converse with other bloggers and be active in the community. You do this by liking and commenting on a lot of other bloggers. Follow a blogger, leave a few likes and a comment or two. With some luck the odd one you follow will follow you back. Consistency is also important and focusing on what your readers like once you find out what they like. Sometimes readers lose interest if your blog has one post they followed you for but all your other posts are a different subject entirely. However, it is not as important I find as staying active in the blogging community in my opinion. My blog is a unorganized mess the more it grows, it has bits of everything, but it hasn’t stopped me gaining followers, although not as fast as I would like. I have heard people get over 500 followers in a month, yes a month! I am like what the heck?! It took me a year to gain a little over 200 followers. Lol. But because some organization and consistency in blog topics kinda matter I have debated many times about starting another blog to separate my content more. We will see. But I hope this helps. If you need more help don’t hesitate to ask.

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    • I don’t gain followers. I follow a few but don’t think I have more than 20 following me…if that. And that’s after two years or so..I think.
      Mines disorganised because I’m never sure what I’m going to write about next so I don’t put them in groups.

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      • I am sorry your followers are not growing as fast as you would like, but for whatever it counts I am a loyal follower and I really enjoy your posts. Don’t give up on it or yourself. I may be a recent follower of yours but I’d miss your blog if you desert it. 😦 I do understand that it is frustrating though, but if you love blogging continue even if it is just for you or the few.

        How many bloggers are you following? How often do you take time out to communicate with the community? Because believe me it takes A LOT. I spend more time on participating in things like meet and greets, commenting on other blogs, other challenges or events etc to gain more of a following almost more than I do spend time writing my own blogs. It’s a daily thing for me almost. It’s tiring sometimes, but worth it. I pretty much bag people for follows without saying it flat out. Haha

        For now if you want and allow me I can reblog your post or two now and then and see if that helps? The more attention the better. 😛


      • I don’t know how many I follow. I’m not on here much as I don’t have the time to do it.
        I know these things need time but I can’t give what I don’t have.
        It’s okay, I think it may have had its life anyway unless something new inspires me to write stuff. These last few have been quite desperate.


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