Putting plans into action

As I have no idea of my partners real feelings or wishes when it comes to a potential move I have, today, done the following –

1. Checked the Civil Service jobs page for any opportunities in the North East. Annoyingly, since I left the service they’ve changed the job titles to make them more fancy and now, it would appear, even something so humble as an admin officer is dressed up to be a “Specialist analyst in data collection and distribution” or some other gobbledegook!. Just remember that someone, somewhere, is being paid to come up with stupid names for ordinary roles!

2. Made a list of our expenses so I can work out how much we need to live on month to month. I have distributed large costs like car services and repairs throughout the year to give a balanced view.

The short answer is “wow, really that much ?”.

At least it gives an idea of how long any spare money we have would last if employment wasn’t forthcoming. So, depending upon price of house and other costs involved, we could survive for between 3 – 4 years. It could be worse I suppose.

3. Started a list of potential employments. It’s a very short list. It’s really hard because you are torn between move and job hunt in area or remotely apply and then move to near that employment. It’s no good buying in Sunderland if you work in Durham. I don’t do buses and trains are okay but they cost a lot and, given my fibromyalgia and autism, long commutes are difficult and stressful.

My partner (yeah, her again!) says I would be great working in mental health supporting individuals who are autistic. Not a field I’ve ever considered but, who knows…

4. Emailed a complaint to myself at work. Still in two minds whether to send it as the fallout might be unpleasant but have to weigh that up against suffering in silence. I’ll ponder further on this.

So that’s it for three hours on a Sunday morning.

Not bad for someone who is fed up and worn out…

Where there’s a will there’s a way..or so they say.

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