Animals Q&A – More stuff you won’t want to know.

Snakes eh ?  Yep. Love them. Much misunderstood and maligned. In general, more scared of you and there’s no such thing as an aggressive snake. Substitute defensive for aggressive. Come in a range of sizes and many have stunning markings.

Ever owned one ? Alas no. My parents agreed that I could have a Garter Snake but, when I returned from town two hours later they had changed their minds. I remember being very disappointed and upset.

Any favourites ? Definitely. The King Cobra is such an awesome snake. I love Cobras because they look like happy snakes. Rattlesnakes always look a bit angry. I think Bushmasters are amazing as well and Gaboon Vipers. Bigger venomous snakes are my thing.

What other animals do you like ? Wolves are majestic creatures so they would be in my top two I think, after Snakes. Love Dogs although, admittedly, not all breeds. We have Cats and they are cool. I kept Rats for a while and I think they are very interactive fun animals to be around. Tigers, Leopards, Cheetahs, Elephants, Lions- all great.

Not keen on ? Spiders. Not really into insects. And Birds. Don’t get me wrong there are some stunning and beautiful ones out there but no, not my thing.

Ever been bitten ? Yes, by a Hamster. The cats, well one of them, isn’t the friendliest and she can get a bit scratchy and bitey.

Zoos ? I would rather see animals in their natural habitat and spent many happy hours in London Zoos reptile house but given the gross amount of poaching that goes on I sometimes wonder if it isn’t safer for some animals to be kept and well organised breeding programmes to take place in a secure environment.

Have you been on a Safari ? No. I have seen animals in the wild in Sri Lanka where seeing wild elephants up close was thrilling but two things put me off safaris (1) being desperate for the loo in the middle of the drive and (2) going on safari and not seeing a single animal!. And I am not sure I would enjoy it ?.

What breed of dog would you most like to own ? Husky. I have always had a thing for Huskies. I like bigger dogs. Loved the Labradors I had when I was married and German Shepherds have always been a big favourite. Samoyeds as well.

Your sister loves horses ? Absolutely. She has loved them for as long as I remember and had riding lessons when she was younger. Unfortunately, her love of horses was her downfall as she got thrown and broke her back whilst out riding. I don’t recall when that was but she wasn’t that old. That has led to a lot of pain and her being registered as disabled as she can’t stay in the same position for long. She still loves them though and I have vivid memories of her drawing them.

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