The Great Hobby Q&A – or more stuff you didn’t want to know

Anhedonia, eh ? Yes. Almost three years now. I don’t really get pleasure from things. I go through the motions and sometimes it seems that the harder I try, the worse it gets.

Spare time activities ? Yes, don’t call them hobbies as they don’t qualify. Well, not in my opinion. I read but what I read rarely sinks in and I find that I flick through sections because I lose interest so quickly. I can’t face heavy non-fiction tomes to try and educate myself anymore so its fiction, which I don’t enjoy.

I do play video games. People think it’s a waste of time but when you’ve had a stressful day and need to let off stream then blasting aliens is a stress reliever. I’m not very good at them though, it’s always the easy setting.

I spend too much time on Twitter as well. I do find it rather a depressing place as there’s a lot of nastiness and bullying even within the Autistic community. Of course there are good people and you do glean some interesting news and ideas.

Previous hobbies ? I used to read. I studied Egyptology; did Counselling courses; listened to a lot more music. I seemed to dabble in more things even if they were ultimately unsuccessful. I used to collect things like miniature models and Smurfs. Can’t have too many Smurfs!

Is Travel a Hobby ? Well I suppose it is if you do it enough. I think about it almost constantly in a dreamy “Wish I was there” kind of way but I don’t even have a passport now and buying a house has, unfortunately, scuppered holiday plans for the foreseeable future. And that’s exceedingly depressing.

Television or Films ? I spend too much time watching things I don’t enjoy. I want to enjoy them but often get bored and irritated with them. I don’t want constant action but unnecessary sex scenes or “romantic interludes” are too often out of place and simply thrown in for titillation. They rarely advance the story. Well I suppose sex advances “Fifty Shades of Grey” but in general it’s just awkward.

And the hype!. Anything that’s widely hyped or built up is just bound to disappoint me. I find it very off-putting as I almost feel pressurised to agree.

Any series that you follow ? I do. Things like “The Blacklist” which is good but I watch that for James Spaders performance as he is such a nuanced actor. I start watching a lot of stuff I give up. More factual stuff like “The Undateables” or “The Real Exotic Marigold Hotel” I watch although the former is starting to look very contrived. The latter I watch mainly because they go to India quite a lot and it’s always nice to see places where I have been.

Last film you watched ? “13 Hours”. It’s a Michael Bay directed film, he of “Transformers” notoriety. It’s the true(ish) story of an uprising in Libya in 2012 which resulted in the death of the US ambassador after an assault on his compound and the heroic attempt to defend the remaining staff and CIA officials by a group of private soldiers. I found it quite good and the ending was quite moving given they all came so close to surviving.

Does your partner have hobbies ? Do fish swim in the sea ?. Yes she’s a very talented lady who knits, sews, crochets, embroiders, quilts and generally makes stuff. She’s the proud owner of two sewing machines, a super duper expensive all in one sewing, embroidery and quilting machine and a surger/overlocker. And there are two die cutting machines. Our place is full of fabric, wool and assorted paraphernalia. She is never short of things to do. I do envy her, not only for her ability but also the fact she has things she enjoys.

Do you have phases when you collect stuff or really get into something ? Absolutely. I collected Lord of the Rings characters, started collecting and painting Warhammer Miniatures (now the cost of those is beyond my wallet) and avidly used to collect the Panini World Cup stickers. I also collected Pokemon cards, not because I had the slightest interest in the game but because the pictures were so cool. But I don’t collect anything like that now and I find the novelty wears off so quickly with me.

What about reading ? Covered earlier but I do have a lot of books. Lots of travel writing and about 30 or so books on Ancient Egypt. Many of those are big coffee table books so not so easy to pick up and read but they are incredible and I would never part with them. They remind me of good times.

I used to read fantasy quite avidly. David Gemmell, David Eddings were big favourites of mine but I can’t recall the last time I started a new series. I find the sheer range of titles a bit intimidating and don’t know what I will enjoy or, at the least, get through. I used to collect Dean Koontz novels but that’s another phase I came through. I read some novels set in Ancient Egypt but the use of modern day language I find very distracting. The word “Dad” seems very out of place when you are referring to Pharaoh like that!.

Anyway, that’s enough from me for this part.

Hope you found it interesting.

Thanks for reading.

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