Why so much hate ?

There’s too much hatred in the world.

I see too much blind hatred on Twitter and other social media. Too much hatred that ignores basic facts and repeats stories that are deliberately twisted to show one party or one side, in a bad light.

And it happens from all sides TO all sides.

One thing I have always liked to do is make my own mind up. I am not easily swayed by press stories or those on social media that are hidden beneath snappy headlines or choosing one line, out of context and manipulating it to an eye catching and often scaremongering headline. I like to know the facts.

If I disagree with something then that’s as far as it goes, I disagree. I can believe something to be fundamentally wrong in concept or execution but I would not spout hatred towards its inventors or planners. I might argue; I might campaign but there has to be a point beyond which I will not go.

It’s the dividing line.

It divides me from the crude and sadistic who want to give themselves the moral high ground and then resort to name calling and the issuing of threats and vile epithets which immediately lose themselves the ground they once had claimed.

I will try and couch it in political terms.

I am no fan of the current government. I believe it to be bitterly divided, incompetent and out of touch with the electorate.

However, I do believe that Mrs May is in an unenviable position and making the best she can of a very bad situation in which there will be no winners.

I believe the NHS to be sorely underfunded. However, that comes with the caveat that vast sums are spent on bank staff and agency staff which could be better spent on properly employed and supported nursing staff. There are other examples of the mismanagement of funds that leads me to believe the NHS does not always help itself.

I believe Jeremy Hunt to be an incompetent minister who is blind to his own failings and who, regrettably, is arrogant and believes himself beyond reproach.

But I am not going to call him a c**t because, apparently, that’s “clever” rhyming slang.

I find Labours attitude towards economics deeply worrying. The fact that they simply want to spend money without any sound idea of how this will be raised is very concerning. Making promises they cannot keep is damaging to their integrity. Keeping those promises could have a catastrophic effect on the economy and people are deluding themselves if they think a Labour Government would suddenly make everything better.

For certain sections of society there might, stress might, be improvements but there will not be a blank cheque for PiP payments and benefit increases. It’s simply not practical.

But I find Jeremy Corbyn a likeable, honourable man who seems to have some good ideas involving a more inclusive society and who has grown in stature over recent years.

I hope those are balanced opinions.

I do find the blind hatred of the right wing Tory press to be utterly at odds with this acceptance that the left wing press is always right. There’s a very murky grey middle ground where the truth, or whatever that is, probably lies.

As an Autistic person I like to know facts. I like to consider the challenges and what the parties will do to meet those challenges. I like to take a balanced view without resorting to this blind hatred that seems to emerge every time a decision is made you don’t accept. People need to step back and look rationally at every decision made and make their own minds up.

And I am just using politics there, as an example.

This “nasty” attitude permeates all aspects of society. We rarely seem to be capable of moderate discussion without resorting to baser language and instincts. If we blindly lash out and scream and yell why should we expect to be taken seriously if our arguments are incoherent ?.

Yes, it is good to be passionate. Yes, it is good to have a cause you believe in. Yes, it is right to protest.

But do so rationally. Do so thoughtfully. And do so for the right reasons.

Don’t just jump on a bandwagon because a celebrity tells you to. Don’t just jump on a bandwagon because it’s cool or trendy. Do jump on a bandwagon you believe in without being influenced by others.

Have the courage of YOUR convictions.

Ask questions, think for yourself, look behind the headlines, check the arguments.

And please stop the hatred.

The worlds in a mess because there’s too much of it already.

Don’t add to it.

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