Another short random Q&A – Are you bored with me yet ?

Did you have a nickname at school ? Yes, I was called Spider. I know spiders have eight legs and I only have two but they were rather long and spindly. I was also known as Lanky.

Have you ever walked out of a cinema during a film ? Yes but I can’t recall the name of the film quite possibly because it was so bad and I choose not to recall it.

Over-rated films or books ? Sorry about this but the whole Harry Potter phenomenon just leaves me cold. I found the books badly written and has it never occurred to anyone that Harry is just an ungrateful brat a lot of the time. The films were okay to start with but then got increasingly bad. The Lord of the Rings is another book I just can’t cope with as I find it exceptionally dull and hard to wade through. And don’t get me started on Twilight or any of those abominations.

Comedy ? I’m supposed to be quite witty with my puns but I find most stand up comedians with their reliance on sex or swearing to get a laugh, not for me. I also find a lot of comedy just goes over my head. Perhaps I’m not smart enough to “get” it. Tim Vine and Milton Jones, people who do puns and snappy one liners are more to my taste.

Dress up or dress down ? I’m very much a casual dresser and thankfully, at the moment, I can wear what I want to work so it’s jeans in winter and shorts in summer. Usually a t-shirt on top. I have to be comfortable because if I’m not I get very stressed. I have quite a lot of t-shirts, around 30, so I like to have plenty of choice. I did wear a suit for many years but finding a good fitting one that’s lightweight and comfortable for my sensitivities is hard going.

Pack light or pack heavy ? I pack light. I’m usually about 2/3 of my weight allowance. It’s mostly t-shirts, shorts and underwear. I still manage to overpack and come home without 50% unworn. I don’t have a large suitcase either. I guess it’s medium size. I can’t understand people who bring such colossal cases with them.

Glasses or contact lenses ? Glasses. I used to wear contact lenses but contracted keratitis so I’m not allowed to wear them any more due to risk infection. I don’t like wearing glasses but have worn them since I was 7.

Describe the town you live in ? It’s really pretty. It’s very expensive to live here as it’s rural and there are quite a lot of posh houses. It’s in a dip so we are surrounded by hills which protect the town from the wind. It’s got a neat little town square with a range of posh shops and an award winning restaurant. I like the town and will miss it.

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