Isn’t free speech and thought allowed in Autism ?

Well thanks Autistic community!.

Thanks for making me feel like shit!.

Just because I don’t go along with your stance 100% of the time.

Just because I can see both sides and haven’t fallen into the trap of believing anyone who says something that might cause consternation amongst the Autistic community should be automatically “struck off” or damned.

It’s an opinion.

It might be misguided; totally wrong; laughable and yes, occasionally deeply damaging.

And it might be given airtime or column inches by a misguided organisation..

That believes in free speech.

But it’s an opinion.

We can argue against it rationally. We can point out the flaws. We can put forward counter arguments and we can, as a community, put on a show of thoughtful, insightful, Autism based research..

But when I point out that it’s an opinion..

I’m told what I NEED to understand..


As if I MUST understand the prevailing attitude of the community and to dissent, or offer up a contrary view is WRONG!.

So, no free speech for me!.

And then it sort of spirals…

And others tell me what I SHOULD feel..or SHOULD do…

I am sorry but I don’t take everything, every odd idea, strange notion or simply “wrong” belief as an attack on the community.

Autism IS trendy. I DO believe there is a risk of over diagnosis because it is trendy to be Autistic. I am sorry if nobody shares that belief.

So thanks Autistic “community”…thanks for being open-minded and seeing all sides.

Like Hell you are!.

So thanks for making me feel really, really, shitty!

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