Ending in NONE


Fading fast.

Happiness ?. Doesn’t last.

Rarely up.

But always down.

Is a smile, an upturned frown ?.



Nothing nice.

Nothings fun.

Feeling frantic, feeling stressed.

What to do ?

For the best ?

Not for me.

Light end of tunnel.

So insecure,

No pride to funnel,

Lost in shame,

Me I hate,

Always bad stuff, lies in wait.

Just so tired,

Too small to say,

Just like exhausted,

Not me today.

Can’t describe,

No word is true,

Feeling shattered,

Feeling blue,

When I turn,

All I see,

Are regrets,

Staring at me,

I feel so useless,

Hopeless case,

I am, in truth,

Just a disgrace.


Torn in two,

Yet more than two,

I’m riddled through,

Holes in me,

No idea,

What to be.

I want it all,

To end soon,

Won’t miss,

The stars, the sun, the moon.

I am a mess,

Still yet I try,

But life’s so hard,

Perhaps to die,

No ideas,

Out of luck,

I wonder why I give,

A F**K,

Here’s to tomorrow,

Same as today,

My problems,

They won’t go away,

I guess I’ll be here,

Perhaps I’m done,

Then I’ll be gone, And I’ll be NONE.

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