This is a rare foray into blog territory for me in recent times.

The road to Hell being paved with good intentions is one thing I am used to travelling upon but I did mean to write more. Honestly.

I didn’t because I felt so bad. Or feel so bad that I don’t want to drag others down. So I stopped.

But here’s the thing.

Yesterday I stopped following over 450 accounts. I blocked over 20.

I removed individuals and organisations that were dragging me down. I blocked narcissistic individuals whose only agenda seemed to be their own.

I hate the Autistic community, genuinely loathe it. It’s smug, self-satisfied, governed by individuals who believe their own propaganda and who elected themselves as my spokesperson.

It moans about the NT community as being “against us” whilst failing to realise the huge divisions within the Autistic community itself.

It tells me I can’t “have” Autism and that I must say I am an Autistic person. It tells me puzzle pieces and the colour blue are evil!.

It talks absolute crap and I can’t take it seriously.

Who cares how a person describes their Autism ?. You don’t have the right to dictate.

Who cares if you think the puzzle piece represents us well ?. You don’t have the right to tell them they’re wrong.

Who cares if you like the colour blue ?. Not you. You don’t have the right to tell them they can’t like blue because that’s Autism Speaks colour of choice in its campaign.

I am an Autistic person, I like the puzzle piece and the colour blue. I hate Autism Speaks and all they stand for but, love them or hate them, lighting it up Blue gets the message that Autism exists out there!.

But don’t you dare tell me I am wrong. Or not allowed.

Stop ordering me about. Stop banging on about neurodiversity as a concept when you don’t actually understand it. You don’t actually understand that this is not a “them and us” scenario because the whole world, Autistic and NT alike, are neurodiverse because no two people think exactly alike!. We are all neurodiverse. There are no teams just billions of individuals.

Yet you just don’t understand that incredibly simple concept.

So I can’t take you seriously.

Oh you can quote learned journals, bang on about research, show your “intelligence” by revealing your raft of qualifications, but I can’t take you seriously if all that gets in the way of basic human decency and humanity.

So, I’ve had enough.

Just stop. Stop and think. Stop and think about more than yourselves. Stop and think of the wider picture. Stop and think about how what you do impacts on others.

I can’t stand the community, certain individuals aside, because it needs to change.

It’s not inclusive, it’s not friendly; it’s divisive and aggressive.

It’s got to stop.

And stop before it’s too late.