And round and round we go..

Life goes on.

How long for is, I think, in the lap of the gods. Or god. If there is one.

My last blog was met with its usual mixture of apathy and neutrality. Too many sheep syndrome. Too many people just standing by, happy to follow, happy to do nothing.

Sure I’ve raised those points before but this time I felt I was more eloquent.

I was certainly more direct.

In my working life I’ve often been portrayed as the cynic; the rebel with a cause, the one who management were wary of because they asked questions and managers didn’t like answering them..

But that’s Autism for you,

That’s Autism that queries stuff, that seeks knowledge, that doesn’t sign up when it’s not logical.

Ah, the Vulcan in me coming to the fore lol.

I do wish we would stop and think. I do wish we would actually sit down and ask ourselves if what we were doing was really helpful. I wish there was more unity and an actual thought process instead of so much dictatorial action that just harms us.

Listen, I’m not telling you how to run your life. It is your life after all. But please give a thought to others and, if they don’t have an identical life to yours then yes, that is okay.

But please, before you join the flock, think.

Think about what you want. Think about how what you do and say will impact others.

Think about the community and appreciate its diversity.

Think about the huge spectrum of which you are but a single part.

And make your own mind up.

Be more questioning.

Be more…rebellious.

I hope you will.

But I don’t expect it.

The wheel turns. Round and round we go again.

Always moving. Never stopping to take a step back.

But do try.

Round and round.

Round and round.

Until we’re just worn out.

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