Calm reflection

A balmy evening.

A soft breeze blowing in from the ocean bringing with it that salt tang in the air.

A night of utter stillness. Such quiet broken only by the gentle murmurs of the crew as they prepared dinner and the soft footfall of those of us who, by the light of a diminishing sun as it welcomed a silvering moon, trod the well worn path beside our tie up.

I stood awhile watching the colours of evening. From inky blackness emerged a warm purple, then, in a line Amber was stretched brilliantly across the sky, carrying with it the warm yellow upon its broad back.

Purple diffused, violet into mauve.

The thinnest band of red, like a line of cotton, pulled itself into view; a divider, separating dark from light.

Trees on the far bank were swathed in rainbow hues before being swallowed whole in the dark, yet standing firm, so it seemed, against the myriad of colours that crept up on them from behind, highlighting their beauty in deepest blacks.

The night descended like a warm blanket upon a child; it’s softness touching us all with a gentle caress, enveloping is in a bath of warmth, security and love.

The final colours dissipated before the blanket of darkness as it swept through this ancient, wonderful landscape.

What a night.

What a place.

For calm reflection.

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