Let’s ban the Cult of Celebrity in 2019!

Let’s start the New Year as we mean to go on.

Let’s stop the pointless hero worship and fawning over “celebrities”. Whoever they are. Almost anyone it would seem. Tho’ not me.

Twitter, on which I have vented my spleen about celebrity in the last, stills see fit to recommend I follow the accounts of such people!. If it’s not Ant and Dec, or one of them, then it’s Holly Willoughby infesting my timeline. Holly Willoughby! No doubt she is a perfectly pleasant individual but what, pray, has she done ?

Yes she’s appeared on “Falling on Ice in a terribly embarrassing manner” in a white dress which amply demonstrated her, err, ample assets but..well..what does she do?!?!

She, and she is not alone, are treated like some sort of hero.

Each tweet or social media comment is retweeted with no actual consideration of what is actually said. They get told they are wonderful, “talented” (insert fit of coughing here!) and that they are role models! How ?. Why ?.

They have money. They get nice clothes because people want to see their designs on tv so flatter the “celeb” in order that their clothes get promoted. They fine dine for free because of their reputation!.

Are they surgeons? Firefighters? Policemen and women ? Doctors ? Nurses ?.


They are not brave. They are not conscientious. They are not working in filthy conditions, for long hours, for low pay.

Yet their every move; every comment, is held up as an example of how we should live our lives.

And it should not be.

Most are in the right place at the right time. A lucky break for a pretty face.

And if I sound jealous then, sorry to disappoint, but I am not. I just cannot understand how normally sensible people go all light headed when Holly, Phil, Dec, the one who crashes into cars when he’s had too much to drink or any others from Chelsea, Essex, somewhere up North or an other “reality” star opens their gob or steps out their front door.

In @ world where, it seems, almost anyone can be a “celeb” I’d ask you to start thinking in 2019. Ask yourself what these people bring to your lives. Ask yourself why you admire them and why they deserve the adulation you heap upon them.

Then draw back and look at the unsung heroes. Aspire to better. Be better.

Let’s can this cult.

Let’s stop celebrity in its tracks.

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