Do you, mind

Do you, mind

Think ?

Well, do you ?

Do you mind, or care

About the body

You possess.

That vessel

Human form

Do you mind that you, mind

Are mindful of the one whose burden you carry

Do you think ?

In the darkened, gloomy recesses,

Neurones Fire,

Synapses snap,

Are you thinking, mind, of me ?

Are my terrors, fears and hurt,

There ?

Do they cross your mind ?

As they hurt me, torture me, reduce me

Are you, mind, mindful of that,

Of damage caused

Of life, shortened

What are you ?

Protector, influencer, emotional centre ?

Darker, deeper,

Traitor, betrayer


Can I function with you ?

In my mind ?

Really ?

Do you mind, at all ?

Mind ?

Are you there ?

Well ?

Are you ?

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