The unwelcome guest

I don’t remember clearly,

When I saw him first,

He appeared one morning,

Vile epithets he cursed,

He puzzled me and scared me,

He looked me in the eye,

I tried to pull myself away,

He hurt me, made me cry.

I wondered what I’d done to him,

To make him feel this way,

I wandered round with troubled brow,

And hoped he would not stay.

I closed my eyes at bedtime,

And hoped, when morning came,

My guest, he would have left by then,

No longer I’d face blame,

But morning gave no respite,

For upon my bed sat he,

His piercing eyes and baleful gaze,

With venom, turned on me,

I held my head between my hands,

I rocked myself and cried,

With ice cold hands and colder heart,

He reached for me inside,

He laughed as he caressed me,

He tapped my fevered brow,

“No, you’ll not escape me,

For I have got you now!”

I begged him then, to leave me,

To give me back self-worth,

I recall his laughter,

How he rocked about with mirth,

“Oh I will never leave you,

I’ll never give you rest,

My name, it is DEPRESSION,

I’m your unwelcome guest!”

And that is how I met him,

And he lives with me still,

I’ve tried all things to lose him,

But I’ve slowly lost the will,

But if he comes to visit you,

Please don’t let him in,

Don’t let him spoil your life, like mine,

Fight him until you win,

Don’t give him a moments rest,

Let access be denied,

If someone asks about your guest,

Say, “Fought him, and he died”

Have the strength that I do not,

Be strong, be brave, be true,

And know, when you defeat him,

How proud I’ll be of you!

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