I lay upon the sodden earth,

The rain it fell on me,

I closed my eyes, I listened,

Felt earths caress, felt free,

Grassy tendrils held me,

So gentle was their touch,

Silky fingers soothed me then,

I asked of them so much,

My head upon a pillow,

Of greenery so fine,

Delicate, in many hues,

The consummating vine,

Snake like wisps reached out to me,

They whispered in my ear,

I floated free of earthly things,

I floated free from fear,

I saw her in her glory then,

This meadow, washed by rain,

She held me like a new born child,

She took away the pain,

Her face, it was so glorious,

So tender, gentle, still,

Compassionate and welcoming,

My heart, with love, did fill,

“Dear child, I’ve come to welcome thee”

Angelic voice divine,

She stroked my face so tenderly,

“For you are one of mine”

Mother Earth she held me tight,

She rocked me, gently so,

I saw such love as none before,

And none I’d ever know,

I surrendered to her then,

I gave myself, the whole,

She smiled again, a gentle kiss,

Surrendered I, my soul,

And knowing that her love was pure,

She lay me down to sleep,

And I know she’s always there,

And faithful watch, will keep.

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