Inside my head

How does it feel to be mentally ill ?

”Twas a question posed of me,

I replied with a smile,

“Won’t you please sit a while ?”

And I hope I can make you see,

“Imagine a war going on in your head,

A war of violence and attrition,

A war so severe,

It comes out of my ears,

For making life hell is its mission.

No winners, no losers,

They fight all the same,

They scream and they shout,

No one shoulders the blame,

Louder they get,

Till my heads fit to pop,

I’ve asked them quite nicely,

But still they won’t stop.

With cannons and muskets,

With dagger and blade,

They don’t give a damn,

Bout the mess they have made,

My head in my hands,

That’s what they like to see,

They fight even harder,

It fills them with glee,

I’ve tried this and that,

To get conflict to end,

I’ve taken the tablets,

A message to send,

I’ve waved a white flag,

I’ve called a ceasefire,

It’s not slowed them down,

They just don’t seem to tire.

From inside to outside,

It’s just killing me,

I’m tired of the fighting,

From the pain, set me free,

They delight in my torment,

‘Go breakdown!’ They cry,

I’m at my wits end,

And it’s now do or die,

I’ll fight them, I’ll fight them,

With all of my might,

I’ll fight them in day,

And I’ll fight them all night,

I can’t let them win,

For I would not exist,

Until my strength gives,

I’ll fight on, I’ll persist.

And that, my friend,

Is how it it feels,

To be mentally ill,

Hearing screams, shouts and squeals!”

They looked at me then,

Both saddened and shocked,

They deeply regretted,

The times they had mocked,

Small nod and sad smile,

They were up,

They were gone,

And inside my head, still

The fight rages on!.

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