The Work Poem

I’ve tried so hard to please you,

I’ve really tried my best,

I’ve gone beyond my duty,

Done better than the rest,

Stepped in where others fear to tread,

Reputations on the line,

Put myself in awkward spots,

So others would be fine,

Sorted problems out for you,

Made sure targets are met,

Multi tasked, exhausted,

So everything’s been set,

Done way more than my pay grade,

Done not one job, but three,

Worked my fingers to the bone,

And seen how you treat me.

Under valued doesn’t cover it,

Nor does disrespect,

Just felt so unwanted,

Probably not what you expect,

I’ve tried to talk things out with you,

I’ve tried to make you see,

But sadly you have made it clear,

You value others more than me.

I’ve caught some out quite easily,

Been told some blatant lies,

How come when they have done that,

I’ve been forced to apologise?.

You’ve never had my back it seems,

Never shown much care,

To ensure that all was right,

And I was happy there.

Of Autism, I don’t think you,

Care or want to know,

I think you want me out from there,

That you want me to go.

I’m just an inconvenience,

A trouble maker branded,

It makes me sad to think that you,

With me, aren’t even handed.

You’ve pushed me to the edge again,

Panic attacks now norm,

Anxiety, which once was rife,

Is now the raging storm.

I’ve worked my hardest for you,

But now it’s plain to see,

I have no future with you now,

There is no hope for me!.

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