A little bit of nonsense!

Tell me, do you molliglop ?

I do it all the time,

I like it in the afternoons,

Whilst covered in pink slime,

And have you ever wurped yourself ?

I do it in the bath,

I do it in warm water,

I find it makes me laugh.

Occasionally I’ll flong myself,

For extra motivation,

I do it whilst I watch tv,

And change to the next station,

I casmeto; I grimboe-hi and do them to a beat,

I do them by the metronome,

And whilst I tap my feet,

Sometimes whilst out walking,

I’ll find myself alone,

So I’ll bring out my pazzuloo,

And record it on my phone.

For me no coffee mornings,

No studious book clubs,

Instead I’ll prance about my house,

And talk to Harzlebubs.

So if you do none of these things,

I pity you, I do,

For you are missing out, it seems,

To you I say, quaxzoo!

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