Extinction calling

“The Bindysnatch, the Cozloo Bird,

Of those creatures, you have heard,

They live up high, above the ground,

They sleep all day, they make no sound,

Do not disturb,

They are not yours,

To trophy hunt,

On evil tours.

You see the Heep who lives in Quets,

They are not toys, they are not pets,

So leave them be, and leave them still,

They are not yours to hunt and kill.

When Werbelphants march,

With heavy tread,

Do not hunt, but watch instead,

Mypotamus eat only grain,

Do not capture them to train,

To ride them would be foul and cruel,

Be not hasty, keep your cool.

Never hit a Meeb or Quax,

The latter who eats Gwisp as snacks,

Be kind to all,

Lest you be hearing,

Of such creatures,


Smell the scent of Nitching flower,

Found most often on grey tower,

Cut you not the Speetlow tree,

Upon the beach, down by the sea,

Hack not upon the mighty Kzip,

It’s wood to take,

To build more ships,

Be kind to nature,

Once it’s gone,

I fear there’s nothing left,

My son.

When parents fail,

The children suffer,

We cannot do that,

To each other,

Respect the world,

We have but one,

Be kind, show love,

To everyone”

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