Celebrating our differences

The Snargeks and the Zimpoteps,

Lived in different places,

They were never seen together,

Save in special cases.

The Snargeks were all silvery,

They glistened in the dark,

They listened to soft jazz,

And held picnics in the park.

The Zimpoteps were orange hued,

And shone bright as the sun,

They were heavy metal freaks,

Thought head-banging such fun.

The Snargeks lived on pasta,

The Zimpoteps on cheese,

The Snargeks loved their garlic,

Because it made the Zimpoteps wheeze.

The Snargeks loved their banoffee pie,

The Zimpoteps, treacle tart,

Which they knew, quite funnily,

Made the Snargeks fart.

The Snargeks they ate apple pie,

The Zimpoteps ate rice,

The Snargeks ate fresh baked bread,

Sold at a reasonable price.

The Snargeks liked to wear tight jeans,

The Zimpoteps wore skirts,

The Snargeks thought this a little rude,

And that the Zimpoteps were flirts.

The Snargeks thought the earth was round,

The Zimpoteps said flat,

The Snargeks favoured baseball caps,

The Zimpoteps, top hats.

The Snargeks, they wore wooden clogs,

The Zimpoteps, flash trainers,

They thought the Snargeks choice was odd,

For trainers were no brainers.

The Snargeks had great plumes of green,

The Zimpoteps were white,

They liked to stand in front of mirrors,

And admire the plume filled sight.

Now you may think these creatures,

As different as can be,

Had nothing it seems, in common,

But they did,

And that was me!

I’ve travelled to see the Snargeks,

With Zimpoteps I’ve stayed,

I’ve eaten cheese and garlic,

Worn skirts, and in parks played.

I’ve eaten mounds of treacle tart,

On pasta I’ve been fed,

I’ve worn my very tightest jeans,

And a top hat on my head.

I celebrate their differences,

I love them both the same,

They’ve always made me welcome,

And let me join in with their games.

And we should always do that,

Be tolerant and fair,

Be we blue, or yellow striped,

Show people we care.

Embrace the world around you please,

Be decent to one and all,

And then you’ll find, they’ll have a mind,

To lift you when you fall.

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