How are you ?

How are you ?


No ?

I don’t understand.

How are you ?

Again ?

Well ?

I don’t know.

(Do I sense a touch of frustration creeping in ?)

You must know ?

Must ? Really ?



Why ?

Everyone knows.

(Bold statement)

Do they ?


I am not..


I am..


(Scratching of pen on paper- a fresh pad, all for me)

I see.


No, You don’t.

You don’t see at all.

You never have.

Conformity. Not my style.

(Silence. I know they’re looking at me)

Ah, shoulders shrugged.

Defeat ?

Exasperation ?

Which ?

(Pen and pad pushed to one side)

Next week then ?

Same time ?


Nothing to say.

Nothing left to say.

I don’t know.

I don’t know now.

I won’t know then.

I never have.

Perhaps ?

I never will ?.

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