Being Sad

Being sad, 

Is not a crime, 

I know I’m sad, 

Most of the time, 

But saying why, 

Ain’t so easy, 

To you it might sound slight, 

Or cheesy. 

Sometimes I know it’s huge, 

To me, 

But if you knew why, 

Would you see? 

That I get sad, 

When things get tough,

Things are not all smooth, 

But sometimes rough,

I’m sad about, 

The World around, 

And cruelty, 

Wherever found, 


And money made, 

On the backs, 

Of those betrayed. 

Life’s injustice, 

Those in pain, 

Those abandoned, 

In the rain, 


In steep decline, 

All we do is dig, 

And mine, 

Extinction beckons, 

For us all, 

Is it too late, 

To stop our fall ?. 

These are big, 

But sometimes not, 

Sadness like a blanket, 


Envelopes me, 

And wraps me tight, 

I only see the dark, 

Not light, 

Tears I shed, 

In silent flow, 

And sometimes why, 

I do not know.




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