Pain by word

In the dark,



A man,


His thoughts,


Daggers thrust,

Words like knives,

Open wounds,

If night survives,

Sacred ichor,

Precious blood,

Crimson raindrops,

Scarlet flood,

Self inflicted,

Out to in,

No prayer to god,

No cleansing sin,

On broken knees,

On crippled limb,

On twisted back,

By nature’s whim,

In evils eye,

Envenomed tongue,

Piercing bolt,

Malicious song,

Discordant choir,

Of vicious barb,


Their nightly garb,

Shadows hiding,

Face obscure,

Tormented soul,

To pain endure,

Retreat from light,

Lest image true,

Save themselves,

To wound anew,

Cesspit dwelling,

Sewer keep,

Foetid armour,

Noxious weep,

Evil torment,

Sight unseen,

Upon blank canvas,

Never been.

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