The ritual

What’s been happening ?


It’s been six weeks ?

-watching me carefully. Gauging my reaction-


Well ? When we last met you mentioned …

I know

Anything ?


Nothing’s changed ?

No. Nothing.

-creaking chair. Pen placed carefully on top of pad on his lap. Fingers steepled-

I see.


Have you tried ?

(Internally processed – yes, I have tried. I’ve tried so damn hard)


Really ?


You’ve tried everything ?


Yes. I’ve tried everything. But I don’t know what I’m doing. Can’t you see how helpless I am. Can’t you see what I need or hear what I need. I’m so lost!

I see

-no, you can’t see

-clear signs of disappointment. He doesn’t believe me-

Right. See you in 6 weeks. Perhaps you could …


-I leave-

-Door closes-

(Sense of frustration, desperation and overwhelming need to scream- carefully contained as I fight back the tears)

– walk to car-

How did it go today ?



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