The tightrope

Losing my balance,

Upon the high wire,

Afraid that I’ll stumble,

Afraid that I’ll tire,

Unsure of my footing,

Wary of each move,

One foot before other,

Can’t get in the groove,

The wire keeps on shaking,

I’m dropping the ball,

With no safety net,

To catch me when I fall,

Playful winds pushing,

Storm coming fast,

I’m losing my grip,

Now I know I won’t last,

Each step brings me closer,

But to what end,

I’m breaking or broken,

There are things I can’t mend,

I’m stuck on this high wire,

Can’t go forward nor back,

Don’t know what to do,

For it’s courage I lack,

I’m tripping, I’m stumbling,

I’m fumbling it all,

I’m crashing, careering,

Hitting the wall,

My minds in a mess,

I’m confused, and I’m dazed,

Each day that I’m here,

Sadly, I’m still amazed,

Under achieving,

And failing each day,

I’m on this high wire,

Yet I’ve still lost my way,

The paths cold and narrow,

I can’t see the ground,

I’m trapped in this vacuum,

And can’t hear a sound,

I’m so isolated,

Up here on my wire,

My sanity’s fading,

Situation is dire,

Balance is lost,

I’m slipping away,

And nobody hears me,

No word that I say,

Perhaps I deserve it,

This slow, empty fade,

Back into nothing,

Lost in the shade.

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