At our door

When eyes watch,

In disbelief, 

Does the heart, 

Not sigh, relief!.

Do we feel the hurt, 

And pain, 

Of the flooded, 

In the rain, 

Child with eyes, 

So hurt and lost, 

Drought torn lands, 

And human cost, 

Of refugee, 

Who’s homeland war, 

Family gone, 

Such death he bore, 

With cruel tools, 

The child abused, 

Too young to fight, 

Beat down, confused


As is demanded, 

Any cries, 

Short reprimanded, 

Children taken, 

Homes destroyed, 

Tactics vile,

Of fear deployed.

The knife that’s carried, 

For defence, 

Yet kills another, 

Makes no sense

When we see these things, 

And more, 

Would we want them, 

At our door ?. 

Do we give a sigh, 

Relief ?. 

Yet still look on, 

In disbelief ?. 













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