The Death in my Dreams

In my dreams, 

I always die, 

Into the light, 

I do not try, 

No resistance, 

No remorse, 

I feel my life, 

Has run its course, 

I walk again, 

On ground unseen, 

No footsteps left, 

I have not been, 

Alone I am, 

Alone I’ll be, 

No longer tethered, 

Bonds break free, 

My time on earth, 

That mortal coil, 

Rivers deep, 

Green land, dark soil, 

Earthly shackles, 

Twist and break, 

But in my dreams, 

No sound they make, 

An endless path, 

I cannot see, 

Something bigger, 

Guiding me,

I am alone, 

I’ve left behind, 

A world so cruel, 

A world unkind, 

I was not wanted, 

Felt no love, 

Am I below now, 

Or Above, 

Nobody mourns, 

Nobody cares, 

Who worries now, 

That I’m not there, 

Life moves on, 

But not for me, 

For in my dreams, 

I’m naught but free, 

No more failures, 

Blighted life, 

An end to pain, to stress, 

And strife, 

For in my dreams, 

I’ve always died, 

I did my best, 

I did, I tried, 

Twas not enough, 

For you nor me, 

And now, at last, 

We both, 

Are free. 







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