Walking through time

I have stood in ancient lands, 

Amidst the tombs of kings, 

The Desert sand of burning gold, 

A mythic horse with wings, 

The carvings telling tales of old, 

Of gods and mortal man, 

With paint as fresh as yesterday, 

The work of artisans,

I’ve seen the mighty bas reliefs, 

Hewn from colossal stone, 

A testament to might and wealth, 

The king upon his throne, 

I’ve walked along the ancient paths, 

In the footsteps of the past, 

Where countless others went before, 

I shall not be the last, 

I’ve been on mighty rivers, 

Under a timeless sky, 

From birth upon the east bank, 

Then to the West, to die, 

I’ve heard the prayers to Hindu gods, 

With Buddha I have prayed, 

I’ve walked amidst the offerings, 

The Garlands, wreaths, so laid, 

For favour from these deities, 

Their images of gold, 

Both animal and human form, 

Some modern, others old, 

I’ve climbed the ancient battlements, 

Of Castles built for war, 

Closed my eyes, imagined, 

Army’s tumultuous roar, 

I’ve sat before a mausoleum, 

Carved in marble, white, 

I’ve sat amidst a starlit sky, 

Tearful at the sight, 

Of beauty, man created, 

Built on passion, built for love, 

Graceful, towering minarets, 

To heaven, high above,

All these things, and more besides, 

I’ve witnessed with my eyes, 

I’ve walked the days of history, 

And heard the long lost cries, 

Of voices calling out to me, 

And asking me to stay, 

And something deep inside of me, 

Whispers back, “One day”. 

“One day, I promise, I’ll return, 

Be it in sun or rain, 

But, till then, my friends be calm, 

For we will meet again”








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