From inside to out..

Under the mask,

I see me.

Crumbling facade,

Dilapidated theatre of dreams.

How many roles,

Must I play ..

What do you see,

In me ?.

It’s strange,

To be on the outside,

Looking in,

As I look out,

From inside.

You cannot see,

The lack of care,

The peeling paintwork,

The dry rot,

The fading majesty,

That was once,


You see me,

Bright colours,

Normality through the lens,

“Fitting in”,

Being “normal”,

“One of you”,

But you do not see,

The pain,

That I suffer,

Behind the masquerade,

The charade,

The lies,

Of masking.

And you do not know,

The strength,

The willpower,

The energy it takes,

To not,

Be me.

Real me.

The me I want to be.

Masking hurts,

Masking harms,

But how can I live,

In your world,

Without my mask ?.

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