Leaving Twitter


The morale of this story, 

And morale is the word, 

Is that mine is sinking, 

As I’m sure you’ve heard. 

I’m tired of all the lunacy, 

The blinkered, lazy views, 

The sheep that simply follow, 

The ones that cannot choose, 

The simple act of thinking, 

That simple act of thought, 

Well, why even bother ?. 

I’m sure it will come to nought. 

Just re-print a story, 

Who cares if it is true ?. 

Why bother to check any facts ?

Or argue with the view, 

Claim biased opinion, 

Is accurate and fair, 

And if opposites do the same, 

Call them liars, bare,

But you cannot always be right, 

In your blinkered state, 

The truth is often in between, 

If given its fair weight, 

But sadly you can’t see it, 

So promote and urge support, 

Demand our blind obedience, 

Bear hate towards the sort, 

Who argue for restraint and sense, 

Reasoned opinion said, 

You call them names and troll them, 

At times you wish them dead, 

And all because their thinking, 

Is different from yours, 

There is no coherent talking, 

Just incoherent roars, 

And sadly this has worn me out, 

Your hatred and your bile, 

You’ve hurt me by your words and deeds, 

So I must leave awhile, 

I’m tired of being shouted down,

Ignored, called names and worse,

I’m tired of feeling I don’t count,

It’s just become a curse,

I’m hurt, I’m tired and lonely,

Exhausted, feel abused,

So, now it’s goodbye Twitter,

So I’ll be no longer, used.








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