Passing through

The grey, 


Closes in. 

Leaves dance the final dance of Summer, 

Brown limbs twirling, 

Green finery turning gold. 

All shades, 

Brown and Green, 

Orange and Red, 

All into one, 

Carpet the ground, 

Sky darkens, 

Night become chill, 

Stars high above, 

A sky so clear, 

Heavens vault in all its glory. 

Seasons change, 

Time, my enemy, 

The passage of my life, 

Each stage, dictated, 

By the world around, 

I am but an insignificant speck, 

On my journey, 

Through a life, 

Coloured by sun, rain and snow, 

The rainbow, 

The myriad of colours, 

Casting their coloured shadows, 

Across my path, 

As I head, 


The beckoning light. 







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