It’s not my choice

Being sad is not my choice, 

Depressions not my thing, 

Anxiety is not my love, 

Panics not my king. 

Suicide is not my choice, 

Those darkest thoughts of mine, 

But the narrow path I wander, 

Is now the thinnest line. 

The crumbling of the cliff face, 

Eroding with each day, 

Standing on the very edge, 

When will I give way ?. 

I teeter on the high wire, 

No safety net below, 

No beam to keep my balance, 

So will I stay or go ?. 

A bridge of lies supports me, 

A life without true worth, 

A mind, confused and desperate, 

Where scary thoughts give birth, 

A body bruised and broken, 

A mind, in turmoil, screams, 

Haunted by my failures, 

Hunted in my dreams, 

My life is just an aimless thing, 

A drifting, shallow piece, 

A pointless, bland existence, 

That ponders its release, 

So if I should move on from here, 

Let not you judge too cruel, 

For I had not the strength for this, 

I was but a poor lost fool, 

Know that I did try my best, 

But to no avail, 

I loved but couldn’t show it, 

Another sorry tale, 

I don’t know where my future lies, 

Or if I’ve one at all, 

I’m hoping someone saves me, 

Before I take my fall. 










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