I’m lost


A shooting star, 

Its trajectory, 

Set by unknown pilot, 

Its destination, 

Lost in the vault of heaven. 

My course, 

As yet unknown, 

My pilot, distressed, 

No map-reader, 


No co-ordinates, 

No destination, 


I fell, 

Years ago, 

Not that I, 

Ever knew my course. 


Wandering the void, 

Cardinal points, 

Meaningless pointers, 

On the road, 

To Nowhere. 

Shooting star, 

Guided by unseen hand, 

How I admire you, 

Your course is set, 

May you find your home, 

Amidst the firmament,

May your direction be true, 

Do not deviate, 

Like I, 

From your path, 


If I ever had one, 

I fear it is lost now, 

In a time long past. 

A time, 

When I knew, 

Or thought I did, 

How to get home. 








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