My hope -2020

The brightest star,

That shines above,

Covers all the world,

With love,

But dust and dirt,

From mankind’s sin,

Covers it, with layer,


A layer we must scrape away,

To let the light shine through,

And play,

Upon the upturned faces who,

Live their lives,

As born anew,

Mankind must turn its face from dust,

And dirt and grime and hate and rust,

And turn it’s face from all decay,

And listen when the others say,

And speak the words of truth to bind,

Whilst others search and hope to find,

The truth of love and spread its word,

So across the world, it’s heard,

Before the night comes once again,

To bind us all in cranking chain,

Fore evil stalks with gleeful intent,

Dark force must be banished silent,

The brightest star,

No matter where,

We must show love,

And always care,

Not to smother it with hate,

For if we do, will be too late,

So I beseech you, every one,

Think joy, think love, think hope, have fun,

And keep that gleam of love alive,

For only then will we survive,

Let not us into darkness fall,

Be bold, be strong, be true, stand tall,

Let us banish hate and fear,

And usher in a brave new year!.

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