Stop the bleeding!

Upon the edge, 

And looking down, 

The icy sea, 

Of thoughts to drown, 

Far-reaching sky, 

Horizons line, 

Of life within, 

There was no sign, 

I asked myself, 

Why did I live, 

What hope I gave, 

What hope to give, 

What purpose I, 

My life becalmed, 

In tomb I dwelt, 

The self embalmed, 

Struggle true, 

Inner fight, 

Soul searching,

Now, and every night, 

Question facets, 

Life in glass, 

Mirror image, 

Time to pass, 

Enduring life, 

Enduring pain, 

I fight to lose, 

I fight to gain, 

Round in circle, 

Snake eats tail, 

But if I must, 

I shall prevail, 

Upon the edge, 

And looking round, 

The solid earth, 

Now safe and sound, 

Stepping back, 

Edge receding, 

The time has come, 

To stop, 

The bleeding. 

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